covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and evacuated from

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It is also fastidious to wipe your hair. If you rub your hair rudely with a towel, it is easy to damage the hair scales. We should press the water out with towels, suck it dry, and let it dry naturally. If you are used to using a hair dryer, you should pay attention to control the temperature and distance, and constantly change the position of the hair dryer.

Next, I would like to share some little knowledge of car accidents to facilitate timely assistance in the face of injuries. first of all, most car owners lean down the steering wheel of the car, and when there is an impact, organs such as liver and spleen are also vulnerable to encroachment. suppose that the liver and spleen rupture, there will be abdominal pain when massive bleeding occurs, at this time to prevent random exercise, in order to avoid aggravating bleeding, if the car is found to have a fire and other hidden dangers Slowly leave the car and transfer to safety, waiting for the paramedics to arrive, and the impact or other reasons may cause chest trauma to the driver. If you find chest trauma and bleeding, you should temporarily wrap it with towels or other substitutes to avoid excessive blood loss. If the injured feel pain, swelling or deformity of the limbs, it may be a fracture. If the injured are not suitable for chaos after fracture, they can wait in place for rescue and treatment.

Spring has arrived in bamboo shoots, and the feelings of guests are even stronger. The staff of the Life Safety and Health Education Management Committee of the China next Generation Education Foundation donated the “Yun run China” gift package to two schools, which contained a “Yun run China” handle, a sports bracelet and custom towels. The students received gifts, bright smiles and bright eyes, such as the spring sun, which was particularly warm and shining. The staff of the Management Committee of the next Generation Education Foundation in China encourage young people to turn the care of the foundation and the care of all sectors of society into the driving force for learning and becoming talents, study hard and exercise actively, and strive to be good teenagers of the new era with moral character, knowledge and responsibility. Bring spiritual encouragement and strength to the students in the campus, and encourage the students to repay the society with excellent grades.

This thing may feel ordinary in summer, but winter is really necessary, the weather is wet and cold, towels and bath towels are very difficult to dry (for those who have radiators, forget it), and sometimes you have to blow the hair dryer for a long time in a hurry.

With the sound of the rapid alarm, the fire drill officially began. The leader of the fire evacuation drill immediately organized the fire evacuation team to perform their respective duties and quickly put themselves in place. During the whole process of evacuation, the children in the whole park quickly covered their mouth and nose with wet towels and stooped against the wall to evacuate to a safe place. The head teacher counted the number of children in each class and reported the situation to the group leader, and the fire evacuation drill ended.

4. if the hair is dry and irritable, when the hair is 5 minutes dry after shampoo, apply the conditioner, wrap it with a hot towel, cover the bath cap, wait 15 minutes, rinse clean, make the conditioner more effective.

④ germination treatment: after the above work measures are done, rinse the treated seeds with clean water, and then soak the seeds indoors for about 5-7 hours. After confirming that the seeds have sufficient water absorption according to the observation, filter them in time, wrap them in clean towels, put them in a clean container and place them in an environment of about 25 degrees Celsius. When the seeds germinate, you should often turn the seeds so that the seeds are heated evenly. After 24 hours, the seeds germinate, and when a small number of seeds are exposed to the root tip, the temperature of the germination environment can be reduced. After about 48 hours, the seeds sprout neatly, then the sowing work can be carried out.

Hair care? You should know this knowledge! Many friends dry their hair directly with a hair dryer after washing their hair. in fact, the consequence is that the hair becomes more and more yellow, irritable, and the quality of the hair will get worse if it is not soft. it is easy to catch a cold at the thought of natural dryness, but direct blowing or too high temperature will damage the hair. When this entanglement, wipe it with a towel until it is not dripping. First, the hot air blows the hair root to dry the scalp quickly, and then dry the whole hair with a moderate gentle wind. By the way, comb the hair softly so as to avoid hair explosion, and reduce the perm and dye the hair at least once every six months.

covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and evacuated from

Detection of total bacteria, fungi, β-hemolytic streptococcus and Legionella pneumophila in air; microbiological detection of customer utensils: tea sets, tableware (coliform), hairdressing products (Staphylococcus aureus), towels, bathrobes, bedding (total bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus), slippers (fungi and yeast) Microbiological detection of water quality of swimming venues and public bathrooms (total colony count, coliform group); microbiological detection of drinking water in public places (total colony count, total coliform count, thermostable coliform group, Escherichia coli); microbiological detection of central air conditioning ventilation system (total number of bacteria, total number of fungi, β-hemolytic streptococcus); Legionella pneumophila in condensate and cooling water.

At 09:40, with the alarm sounded, teachers and students, led by firefighters and teachers, bent low and covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and evacuated from the teaching building to the playground in an orderly manner. In the lecture on fire control knowledge, the propagandists of the brigade first combined with the school fire cases, fire characteristics, causes and preventive measures to vividly explain and demonstrate the fire control knowledge such as how to put out the initial fire, personnel evacuation and fire escape and self-rescue. Subsequently, the fire-fighting experience of “oil basin fire fighting” was carried out at the scene, and the students actively participated and bravely took the “first step” of fire fighting, through practical operation and personal experience, let them further master the correct use skills and matters needing attention of the fire extinguisher.

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