personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towel s and chalk, quickly

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B, the personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towels and chalk, quickly inform the guests of each box on the relevant floor, open the evacuation safety door, specify the evacuation passageway, take the guests to the safe evacuation exit, and greet the guests to evacuate one by one. Only after all the guests have been evacuated can the evacuation team withdraw from the scene.

personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towel s and chalk, quickly

If the mother wants to go out for a period of time and has no way to take the baby, she can empty the milk before going out and prepare spare towels and clothes at any time. Once there is milk leakage, it can be replaced in time to avoid embarrassment caused by milk leakage.

Method one: play games. Playing and playing are the nature of children, and the integration of some fire prevention knowledge into the game will often have unexpected effects. Parents can practice escape with their children, teach them how to bend over, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, and simulate fire alarm with their children (remember not to call “119” directly).

personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towel s and chalk, quickly

Before the training, the head office building simulated improper use of electrical equipment, fire, head office staff use wet towels, gas masks for emergency evacuation, escape drills and fire drills. The personnel who participated in the training said that they were deeply aware of the importance of safety work and improved the ability to deal with emergencies and emergencies.

Five. Leave your hair in a towel for too long: do not blow-dry your hair with a towel for more than 30 minutes, especially if the towel is cotton, some fabric particles will cause friction, and the hair will become more fragile as you dry it with a hair dryer.

personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towel s and chalk, quickly

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One crucial feature to consider when choosing a bag is ample storage space. Your makeup bag should have designated compartments to accommodate all your essentials, such as foundation, blush, lipstick, brushes, and even spare batteries for your electric brushes. On the other hand, your gym bag should offer ample room to store your leotards, shorts, grips, wristbands, water bottle, and towels. Look for bags with multiple compartments, inner pockets, and side pockets, as they will keep everything in order and easily accessible.

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